21 January 2022


4 Ways your Business can Support International Snowmobile Safety Week

Over 4 million people across North America enjoy snowmobiling every year. This fast-paced sport is a blast but should always be done safely. With the safety of riders in mind, the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) recognizes this week, January 15 – 23, as International Snowmobile Safety Week. This week is meant to highlight some key tips to keep riders safe through out the season.

4 ways your business can support International Snowmobile Safety Week

1. Post on Social Media

The easiest way to get involved is to use your business’s platform to raise awareness. Whether it’s a simple shout out to the cause or an infographic on key safety tips, the post will help spread the word. Some post ideas you might consider are:

  • encourage riders to check the weather and any avalanche warnings (which can be checked here)
  • highlight key safety tips
  • spotlight safe places to ride near your business
  • share safety videos from ISMA (found here)

2. Sponsor a ‘Safe Ride’

Throughout the season, many resorts and snowmobile clubs host a variety of ‘Safe Ride’ and similar events. Get in touch with the organizations near you and see if there are any sponsorship opportunities available.

3. Take the Pledge

Right now, there is a call for snowmobilers to pledge to ride only where it is legal. For both safety and environmental reasons, this pledge is encouraging all riders to be mindful of were they ride. Encourage your co-workers and maybe even customers to take the pledge and then share on your website and social platforms. Maybe include a short video about why the pledge is important to you and your local trails.

Take the pledge here.

4. Prepare for Next Year

The ISMA has a comprehensive “Campaign Action Manual” that provides resources and ideas for supporting this significant week in the powersports industry. While many of the action items would be difficult to implement this year, now is a great time to think about what your business can do to support the cause next year.

Review the Manual here.

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