31 May 2021


Beyond their budget, doesn’t mean beyond repair

For many, this past year has been tougher than ever when it comes to keeping up with expenses. In 2019, Statistics Canada stated that 73% of Canadians admitted to needing a payday loan within the 12 months.

Automobile repair expenses can be among some of the most difficult for consumers to pay for upfront. According to Canada Drives , the annual maintenance costs of owning a vehicle is around $1500, not including unexpected, but necessary repairs – which can cost a lot more.

Providing financing options can help make your Service Centre more accessible and affordable for all your customers. That’s why LendCare partners with Service Centres across Canada to ensure that they don’t miss out on revenue, simply because a customer is low on funds.

Online financing built for Service Centres

We offer online financing solutions that your customers can apply for, on location at your Service Centre or from anywhere, on their own device. You can also text or email car repair loan applications to them directly.Customers are approved based on the value of their vehicle – no credit check required! Your customers can apply in minutes and be approved the same day they apply.

This will allow your customers to pay for their repairs over time, while we ensure that your Service Centre gets paid right away. We also offer a $100 incentive for all repairs financed through our program! This incentive will be added directly to the payout amount received by your Service Centre.

If you want to learn more about our Automobile Repair Financing Program, you can visit our auto financing page HERE.

You can also contact LendCare directly to become an approved partner and start offering payment plans to your customers by calling us at: 1-866-291-4045 Ext 2100 or by emailing us at: [email protected]

Get approved for financing today!

Get approved for financing today!

Whether you are an existing client or brand new to LendCare, you can access financing for automotive repairs, healthcare (including dental and vision), and trips to the vet.

You can learn more about—and apply for—our current consumer financing programs below.

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