7 April 2022


STAGE Powersports: A Way for Outdoor Family Bonding Time

Powersports include motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), snowmobiles and more! These motorized units can provide adventurous fun for the whole family. We have created a brief list to answer: what types of powersports vehicles are there?


An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, is an off-highway motorized unit. They have 3 - 4 tires, handlebar steering and a straddle seating position. Depending on the model, ATV's can carry 1 - 2 people. These units have smaller frames that allow them to be used even in narrow terrains. If you've been looking into ATV adventure tours, you might want to consider purchasing the ATVs for repeated use; they are great additions to a longer camping trip or for a single day excursion.

UTV or Side-by-Side

UTVs, or utility task vehicles, are a larger version of an ATV. These units hold 2 - 4 people side by side (hence the name 'Side-by-Side'). Instead of handlebar steering, these units have a steering wheel. Bigger than ATVs, these units are better suited for more open areas. Depending on the model, UTVs also have a decent amount of storage space - making them a great addition to a family adventure in the fresh air. You can easily pack lunches, safety items and other gear.


Sometimes referred to as Ski-Doos or a snow scooter, snowmobiles accommodate 1 - 2 people. These units are intended to be used on snow or ice. Snowmobiling is a great way to enjoy the winter months outside with friends and family. Read up on some Snowmobile Safety Tips here.


Sea-doos and other Personal Watercrafts (PWCs) are made for 1 - 2 people to enjoy the water. Depending on the model, they can be used for water sports (tubing or wake boarding) that are a great way to include more family members into the fun! Read more on family adventures on the water.


There are a wide range of motorcycles that can be enjoyed by families. Trail riding is great for younger families while cross country or motocross is better suited for families with older kids.

Leisure vehicles are a great way to get your family outside and active together, what ever the season! These versatile units can even be used for outdoor activities for kids, with proper safety and supervision. LendCare offers financing on all of these units so that you can plan your family excursion now and pay later.

Curious about other ways to get your family outside? Read about RVs and Motorhomes here.

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