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Whether it’s buying braces for your child’s teeth, having emergency auto repairs done or getting your pet potentially lifesaving medication, LendCare has your back. Our easy financing lets you improve your well-being, get back on the road and keep your loved ones healthy—making payments in smaller installments over time. With an easy online application, terms up to five years and flexible payment options (either bi-weekly or monthly), we take the stress out of big bills by giving you ample time to pay for your purchase.

When it comes to financing there’s no one size fits all solution.

Likewise, there is no singular solution when it comes to financing. At LendCare, we get that and go deeper to understand your unique story and offer flexible options that work best for you, given your current financial situation. That means you get affordable financing, even if your credit is anything but top-tier.

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Easy online application with quick credit decisions
No effect on your credit score*
No down payment
Can take up to three days for approval
Hard credit check that stays on your credit report
May require down payments or upfront administration fees
*LendCare only performs a soft credit check as part of its application process
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What do we finance?

Financing everything from Auto, Pet Care, Dental procedures and Optometry.

Auto Repair Financing
Healthcare Financing
Veterinary financing
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Get approved for financing today!

Get approved for financing today!

Whether you are an existing client or brand new to LendCare, you can access financing for automotive repairs, healthcare (including dental and vision), and trips to the vet.

You can learn more about—and apply for—our current consumer financing programs below.

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